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Site: Dappled light house
Client: Peter Winkler Architect

Structural Documentation.

We can provide structural design and documentation solutions for your residential project. This can be anything from an architecturally designed dream home to a single beam to replace that wall that has to come out.

We will take care of all the requirements including footings, floors, walls, roof, decks, stairs, pergolas and everything in between. Certification is provided with all designs, with Engineers registered in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland. Contact us with your requirements and a fee proposal can be prepared.

We are able to design and document a variety of materials such as:

  • Steel
  • Timber
  • Light gauge steel framing
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Rammed Earth
  • Poured Earth
  • Mudbrick
  • Strawbale
  • Aluminium


The practice has vast experience in the design of footing systems on reactive sites with the founder, Peter Yttrup, a member of the committee for AS2870; the Australian Standard for the classification of sites and design and construction of footing systems for residential structures.    

With a strong geotechnical focus within the practice we have a good understanding of soil behaviour and soil/structure interaction. If required, we can also model footing behaviour and ground movement response with software packages such as PLAXIS and Spacegass. Residential footing systems such as stiffened raft slabs, strip footings and pad footings can be designed for residential buildings. Design of footings systems where new buildings interact with existing buildings and the environment (trees) are a specialty.

Stormwater drainage.

We can provide solutions for all your site stormwater management. This includes water quality treatment, on site detention, pumping, roof and surface drainage.

Deep Footings & Piling.

We can provide a deep footing or piled solution where required on sites where excessive ground movement or bearing capacity is an issue. Deep footing systems can include driven timber, concrete or steel piles; bored piers or steel screw piles. Deep footings may be required on sites with deep fill or low strength soils, high ground movement, tree effects or existing services. Steel screw piles are a specialty of the practice with extensive experience in design, testing and construction supervision of screw piles. The use of screw piles in extremely reactive sites to limit footing movement in response to high ground movement is a common solution.

Retaining walls.

Design of retaining structures for residential projects can include landscaping walls, right through to full basement construction adjacent to existing structures or infrastructure. We can provide design solutions in a variety of materials such as reinforced masonry and concrete, gabion walls, keystone walls, timber and steel sleeper walls or gravity walls. Ground movements and settlements can be predicted using PLAXIS software to ensure protection of existing assets.

YTTRUP Consulting Engineers

Commercial & Industrial

Site: APCO Grovedale.
Client: Bespoke Architects/APCO.​

Structural Documentation.

We have extensive experience in structural design and documentation of commercial and industrial buildings and structures. This could be your new office building, public building, warehouse or unit development. We have a long history with public buildings such as tourist information centres and surf clubs. Recently our practice has completed two multi storey office buildings for community based aged care and disability services organisations.

We are able to work with clients, architects and other consultants to achieve results that both meet the clients brief and budget constraints.

Services offered include feasibility advice, preliminary design, full documentation services, certification, inspections and assistance to the architect and client during the construction phase.

Civil Documentation

Our practice is able to provide civil documentation services and on-site services during the construction of your project. This includes roof and surface drainage, pavements, retaining walls, storm water detention and treatment systems, bulk earthworks design, supervision and testing.

In association with our Geotechnical capabilities and relationships with other consultants we can provide you with a full range of services to complete your project. This includes surveying, environmental testing, water and sewer design, Geotechnical investigations and road design.

YTTRUP Consulting Engineers


Damaged Building Inspections.

The practice has considerable experience in undertaking inspections on damaged buildings and providing advice on reasons for poor performance and remedial works options. Assessments are made based on our experience in geotechnical and structural engineering and the interaction between the building and the ground.

Movement and damage to structures can be due to many factors including:

  • Inadequate geotechnical investigation.
  • Poorly designed footing system.
  • Tree induced drying effects on reactive soils.
  • Excess moisture in soils from broken services
    or poor drainage.
  • Poor construction.

Our staff are able to provide simple and clear verbal advice on site through to preparation of reports for VCAT hearings.

We have a specialised area of interest in the performance of waffle raft footings on reactive clay soils, particularly in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

YTTRUP Consulting Engineers


Site Investigation.

Our geotechnical team has extensive experience in planning and conducting site investigations across multiple industries including residential, civil, gas and mining. We use our four wheel drive auger rig with auto-SPT capabilities to investigate up to 10 m deep. We have strong working relationships with local drilling contractors to conduct investigations that require deeper drilling and/or rock core recovery. Our site investigations are designed specifically to meet your project needs.

Site Classification or Soil Report.

Our Site Classifications or soil tests are performed in accordance with AS 2870 “Residential slabs and footings”. If a “Problem or P site” is identified, Yttrup is passionate about providing advice above the minimum requirements of the Australian Standard to ensure your designer can complete a footing design without the need for additional investigation.

We specialise in:

  • Total suction and reactivity testing
  • Re-classifying sites where engineered fill has been placed.
  • Providing ground movement estimates where deep drying may occur due to trees and suspended floor systems.

Laboratory Testing.

Our in house laboratory is typically used to support site classification work. We conduct classification and reactivity testing including particle size distribution, Atterberg limits, shrink swell, free swell, total suction and moisture content. We have strong working relationships with Geelong’s NATA accredited laboratories to assist with your testing requirements.

Landslide Risk Assessments.

The assessment of Landslide Risk has been a passion of the business since its opening. Yttrup can complete a Landslide Risk Assessment (LRA) for sub-divisions and individual lots to local Council and the Australian Geomechanics Society requirements. Our team has experience in monitoring and management of slope failures and this is used to provide a practical assessment of the risks to your development. We specialise in providing detailed assessments in the Colac Otway Shire.

Land Capability Assessments.

We can provide a Land Capability Assessment (LCA) tailored to your local Council and EPA requirements. Our designs are based on detailed assessments of the site and soil conditions which may impact on sustainable wastewater management. We work closely with local health authorities and wastewater subcontractors to ensure our advice is practical and in agreement with current health and construction standards.

Bulk Earthworks & Pavements.

We can provide pavement designs for subdivisions, commercial projects and Council roads as well as support during construction. We provide Level 1 and Level 2 certification of bulk earthworks to AS 3798 “Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments”. We work with NATA accredited testing authorities to provide an auditable level of documentation for your bulk earthworks project. Furthermore, we can write your earthworks specification to ensure your testing authority satisfactorily documents the supervision of earthworks.