Soil Testing in Geelong and Melbourne: Our Guide

Yttrup have been conducting soil testing in Geelong and Melbourne, providing site classifications to Victorian and Australian Residential Slabs and Footings Standards since 1981.

In that time the standards of soil testing in Geelong and Melbourne have changed several times. The soil tests are conducted and reported to appropriately advise our clients, builders and designers.

The general aim of a soil test is to provide ground movement estimates and footing system recommendations so that a builder, architect and structural engineer can design an appropriate footing system for a dwelling.

Field work, laboratory testing and reporting are key components of the soil test.


Field Work

We drill up to two boreholes with a four wheel drive mounted rig. Where access is not available we can drill boreholes by hand methods. The depth of drilling depends on the local climate and the nature of your project. We generally drill to 2 to 3 m depth in the Geelong and Melbourne regions.

If you are conducting an extension we recommend you complete a floor level survey. This is a cheap survey which will highlight potential issues with the existing dwelling prior to the development. We also recommend a footing exposure so that the designer has an understanding of the existing footing system.


Laboratory Testing

We have conducted laboratory testing for every soil test we have completed since 1981. We do this to confirm visual observations of borehole cuttings.  This gives us a strong understanding of the variation in reactive ground across Geelong, the Surf Coast and Melbourne. This is well above the requirements of the Australian Standard and a key point of difference when you choose Yttrup.



The report includes a Site Classification to the current Australian Standard and footing system recommendations.

The technical details

A site classification of “Problem Site” is becoming increasingly more common in developed areas.  Due to our commitment to laboratory testing we provide certainty to the design engineer on these sites.  Ground movement estimates are provided for common design issues such as:

  • Trees to be removed or remain.
  • Heave of dry soils under old suspended floors.
  • Heave in areas of proposed site cuts.

Our team of Chartered Professional Engineers review all technical components of the site investigation report. Our team has a combined experience of over 40 years.


How much does a soil test cost?

Our soil tests are competitively priced.  For a soil test with a distinct difference please contact Yttrup for a quote on (03) 5243 3388. Or please use the “contact us” form below.


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