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P.J.Yttrup and Associates Pty. Ltd. are consulting civil engineers practicing in the fields of structural, civil, geotechnical and forensic engineering. Remote engineering services utilising the internet are also available from this practice.

Structural Engineering
Innovative design, documentation and supervisation of construction in:

  • Small domestic, commercial and industrial structures in timber, steel, reinforced concrete, masonry and reinforced masonry, adobe and strawbale structures, glass, fibreglass and aluminium
  • Road, rail, footbridge and associated structures in timber, reinforced concrete and steel
  • Footing designs for all types of structures including expansive clay foundations and problem filled sites
  • Design Australia wide and overseas including in sensitive areas such as national parks

Civil Engineering
Design, documentation and supervision of construction in:
  • Trafficable pavements in concrete, asphalt, and stabilized gravel
  • Pavement and site drainage

Forensic Engineering
  • Inspections, advice, design and documentation of remedial works for damaged buildings, bridges, wharfs and like structures
  • Provision of expert opinion for legal cases in the area of damaged structures

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Design of footing systems for building and other structures on normal and problem sites such as expansive clay and filled sites
  • This practice has soil testing capabilities with drilling rigs and soils laboratory

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